There were two VALUE PLAYS @ MVR on this day--hopefully this will explain how a horse gets to be a value play:

All 4 handicapping modes-ABILITY, POWER, T/J%, & PRIME POWER are numerically "weighted" --along with a few other fundamental handicapping factors.  I tried to leave it alone, as far as those "factors" are concerned.

Truth is--the more FACTORS you add--the closer to the favorite you get.  Doesn't even matter what those fundamental factors are, really...the more you add, the more obvious the horse becomes to every bettor out there.  Horse Racing has been analyzed to death--so much so, there's nothing left.  No meat on that bone.

So each horse has earned a CONSENSUS number--unless it's a first-time-starter.  Through some research I've found that a horse with a 50 pt gap to #2-can be a solid wager.  I've set the min ML @ 4-1, so less than that you won't see it.  You can still look through the card's consensus and find top-ranked horses with large gaps to #2--but don't meet the 4-1 minimum.  It's up to your own judgement whether to play these.
Here's a look at the two Value Plays @ Mo Valley on this day:

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