THE PICK-9/ALL HORIZONTAL CONTENDER REPORTS. Click a button--get a solid list of the top-3 contenders in each race.

These are the CONTENDER/EXOTIC LISTS I CALL PICK-9 LISTS. They started out as PICK-4 CONTENDERS--then decided why not just do the entire PICK-6.  Since these lists are the TOP 3 OF EACH RACE, according to our main categories...finally decided to go ahead and provide all 9 races...thus "PICK-9" list.  These horses are the top three (with ties) of every category and every race on the card.

You will be surprised at how many TOP T/J% contenders actually win the race.  And PRIME POWER contenders are screened by Brisnet's proprietary method.  And don't forget PLATINUM POWER NUMBER...there's a button for the top-3 in that category as well


These top-3 contender/pick-9 reports could very well make a stand-alone program--they are that accurate.

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