Here's a look at the TIP-SHEET

Did a few final tweaks to EXOTIC ...mainly the COMPREHENSIVE REPORT.

There were too many horses appearing on the list--so tightened it up a little, to have fewer horses, but better qualified. It's purpose is to give the user a look at horses that rank highly in the "important" categories.

Pace View users will know these categories quite well:



These apply to all distances and levels.

So I did some research and was able to assign a "value" to each horse---the TOP horses in COMPREHENSIVE VALUE appear on the list.

-Some things to know about this TIP SHEET which contains the comp report:

All horses in each race are evaluated--any horses that have a large gap to #2 in this "value" report...are shown on the VALUE PLAY list. Many times there aren't any---sometimes three or four (rarely)

What's interesting is that, when there has been just one horse on the Value Play list--
SO FAR they are showing a profit--without any further handicapping.

The HOT LIST you already know about--that's not a selection list, but a list of horses that have passed a basic mechanical handicapping screen. 
Tom Aislie would have loved this.

The comp report can be very useful ...concentrate on horses showing a "1" anywhere in the 4 categories. These horses are tops in at least one category.

Funny thing is--the horses that top two, three, or all four categories...are NOT LOCKS TO WIN. Take a look at the ML--there is a reason it's listed immediately following. A horse with several 1's--and is the ML FAVORITE--is obvious to everyone--and a good chance this horse is coming off a big effort. They do win--about as often as the favorite--because  in all likelihood be--be favorites. 

They are ONLY good for exotics--you'll lose your a$$ betting these to win. 

So here's a method for using this report ---maintain a decent strike rate--and if careful and demanding--show a profit.

#1 Any horse on the Comp Report showing a "1" in any of the 4 categories--is to be considered "live"

#2- Of this group--you want to ELIMINATE the favorites for win betting. I bet in advance, so I use a 3-1 ML minimum--as a qualifier. This won't guarantee you won't be betting a huge favorite--but it's better than looking at tote boards all day. 

See....if the ML maker --using whatever method he uses--makes this horse less than 3-1 ML--say 7/'s no mystery to anyone--and obviously this horse has done something recently to impress the ML maker. (I hope I'm making myself clear--I'm trying  )

So...any horse 3-1 or better--showing a 1 in any of the 4 categories is a potential win bet. This way you don't get caught in the "sucker bet" trap of betting even money horses who may have fired their best shot already.

#3- Any horse 10-1+ showing a 1...jump on it. He wouldn't have made the list if he had no chance--the "1" just makes it a more palatable bet IMO.

Here are the TIP SHEETS from Sunday 01/16 @ GGX and you can see what you're looking at in the beginning:

This view is after "handicapping" or screening of qualifiers. The actual bettable selections are in red boxes---they're 3-1+ and showing the "1" we need to see.

The horses in black boxes are the short-prices--appearing dominant with their 1's a-plenty.

Incidentally...this report shows all races, unlike platinum- due to lack of pace info--doesn't rate races shorter than 5F.

That $48.00 winner--was a quarter horse. -He made the comp report--then qualified as a prime longshot bet since he was @ 12-1 ML..and showed a 1.

The lone value play also won.

I think most will really like this program. As you can see--like all my other software programs--they're based on fundamental handicapping for "regular handicappers" who want to win, but still enjoy the races and have some fun.

Remember--this is just one method. Play around-do a little research and you'll find many more 

Also--there is much more to the program besides this report--you have contenders for all 9 races--handicapped 4 basic ways. I'll show a screen shot next    See Above  👆


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