If you EVER see a 10-1 ML horse like KOPPENOUT..listed on the Hot List, the Comp Repot.....AND, count up his rankings--if they are 6 or less--time to bet the house.  If you count his total rankings- 1-1-2-1...they equal 5..this horse is way too good in this field to be 10-1.  No way, No how.
 You won't find many---but that's the closest thing I've ever seen to an absolute -no handicapping PROFITABLE spot play. The last one I recall was BOND VIGILANTE @ AQ--his race before last. I have it posted up here--back a few pages. Think I'll post them up when I see them--and keep a tally. If I miss one--please let me know--NCG
edit: I can get in trouble for saying "bet the house" sorry --don't BET THE HOUSE!

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